School Guardian helps Avenues School to increase students’ safety and enhance the school operations

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In our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, we are excited to share something special with you on the School Guardian blog today.

We know that the journey to choosing the right safety and wellbeing solutions for our schools can be fraught with uncertainty. That’s why we’ve decided to bring the most important voices in this conversation to the blog: those of our valued customers.

We’ve put together a collection of testimonials that reflect not only the trust and satisfaction of those who have picked School Guardian, but also the stories of transformation and enhanced security in the institutions we serve. These are authentic narratives from principals, teachers, staff, parents and students, who share their personal experiences and the positive impacts our solutions have brought to their lives and communities.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s your voice that shapes our purpose. Welcome to our community of shared stories, where each testimonial is another step on our common journey to create a safer educational environment for all.

Check them out below and in upcoming posts.

Avenues: The World School

“We see a lot of added value with the use of School Guardian. The first one is definitely the improvement of the dismissal workflows. It reduces the time that the children are waiting in school and that parents are waiting in line, which makes parents happier because they can rely on a safe and efficient system for their children to be dismissed.

I can say I couldn’t be happier than having such an app for our New York campus.”
Lia Muschellack, Technology director.

Check this video out:

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